Look. Guess. Choose a gift and receive it. Simply easy.      

                       "ADS WILL BE!" ©

                                                 GIFT RULES

The participant has the right to receive 1 (one) any gift chosen by him in accordance with the accumulated points - 1 (one) time per day (24 hours). The entire accumulated amount of points after the gift is issued is reset to zero. The organizer has the right to change the gifts indicated in columns from 0 to 100, from 101 to 1000, from 1001 or more, at their discretion and at any time.
                                          ABOUT THE PROJECT

In this project " ADS WILL BE!" ©, the idea was used - bringing advertising information to the end consumer by (method) impacting on him with the help of an "Internet game, interactive game or the like" by displaying any advertising information and stimulating him (the end consumer) with various gifts (based on his winnings) , with the help of which the end consumer will be interested in the future to independently view (or listen to) advertising information from any sources, memorize this advertising information and then further use the information memorized in the project "ADS WILL BE!" ©.

The slogan of the project: “SIMPLY EASY. ADS WILL BE! " ©

This idea used in the project "Ads will be!" taken from the script of the TV show program "POPOLAM" © authored by Vladimir Sergeevich Dementyev, certificate No. 039, issued on October 04, 2005 by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Samara region, Russian Federation.

Any use of the idea, for any purpose, is possible only after agreement with its author.

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